Huuki Meets with Maquette County Officials

State Rep. Matt Huuki this week met with officials from Marquette County, the Snyder administration and state departments regarding proposals to change the taxation method for mining operations.

Huuki has spent the last year working on a proposal to switch from a property-based appraisal tax to a severance tax on the ore retrieved from a mine. Huuki’s proposal will allow smaller companies greater freedom and certainty to invest.

Huuki has stated time and again the importance of creating these mining jobs while also keeping the bill revenue-neutral and the dollars local.

“I will personally derail any efforts that don’t meet these three important objectives,” said Huuki, R-Atlantic Mine. “It’s critically important that we help create jobs and keep revenue streams heading to local governments.”

Over the past few months, Huuki has held several town halls on his mining proposal and worked to bring local and state officials together on the details, serving as a conduit for ongoing discussion. The freshman lawmaker said locals have understandable concerns that the objectives of other proposals could differ from his, particularly regarding the risk of lost local revenues, but that this week’s meeting had an optimistic tone.

“Both sides are at the table and speaking openly,” Huuki said. “It’s important that we keep it that way. We have all spent countless months working not just on the details, but also the relationship between Lansing and the U.P.”

Huuki said he will continue facilitating more productive discussions between the state and locals while pushing for his own proposal.

“I became a state representative to create real solutions for my constituents and the state of Michigan,” Huuki said. “I started work on this legislation to bring something good to the U.P., and I’m hopeful we can see it through in a form that achieves the three important goals of job creation, revenue neutrality, and keeping those revenues local.

“Anything less is unacceptable.”

Huuki can be reached toll free at 1-888-663-4031; by fax, 517-373-9303; by email,; by mail at P.O. Box 30014, Lansing, MI 48933; or through his website,