U.P. Children's Museum Celebration

Just like most non–profit organizations, overcoming financial barriers to reach milestones can be quite the journey.

But, the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum celebrated it’s 15th birthday tonight, with an interesting road of feast and famine to look back on.

The museum has to raise $150,000 a year to pay for the programs, exhibits, and classes that are offered. That money is mainly raised through philanthropic work, with a lot of support from the community.

The future is bright for the museum. The staff has started a program called “torch the mortgage” o help off–set the cost of this expense, with hopes of paying off the mortgage ahead of time. nce the mortgage is paid off, all the extra money will go right back into the museum.

To celebrate it’s 15th year, the museum has scheduled big plans for “The Body Exhibit”* that will be completely centered around the children.

Also, in celebration of the anniversay tonight there was a birthday party with cupcake decorating and plenty of activities for kids. The Lake Superior Community Partnership marked the occasion with a celebratory ribbon cutting ceremony.

Posted by: Jordan Kelly