Marquette County Police Officer of the Year

A Chocolay Township police officer is recognized as Marquette County’s top cop.

Sgt. Scott Jennings is Marquette County’s Police Officer of the Year for 2011.

He’s often involved in grant writing and technology upgrades for his department.

Chocolay Township Police Chief Greg Zyburt nominated him for the honor.

Jennings says he doesn’t set out to win any awards, and he knows that some days go better than others, but he says he just wants to work as best he can.

Sgt. Jennings was the first law enforcement officer to respond to the Northern Michigan Bank & Trust robbery last October.

He had to coordinate the local, state and federal agencies involved in the case.

Jennings says Marquette County is blessed with an excellent law enforcement community, and once they all got the ball rolling on the investigation, it didn’t take very long for the pieces to begin falling into place.

He’s also a Northern Michigan University grad, and he’s served with the Chocolay Township Police for more than 25 years.

Posted by: Mike Hoey