One Lucky Lady Contest Underway

Lakeshore Skincare of Marquette has launched its’ ONE LUCKY LADY contest and is asking for votes for the five finalists: Kaydee Bess, Connie Ayotte, Theresa Hamari, Vicki Snyder and Polly Couture.

Voting is available on the left of the screen as the ABC 10 Instant Poll question. The five ladies who are in the running for a pampering, indulgent makeover:

Kaydee Bess — Nominated by Brenda Pingel — “I am proud to nominate Mrs. Kaydee Lynn Bess to be Lakeshore Skin Care’s One Lucky Lady. Kaydee has the WOW effect on people, after talking with her for only a few minutes I guarantee you will be saying WOW at some point or another. She will make you laugh at least once if not until you are laughing so hard you have tears in your eyes. When Kaydee tells a story she puts her whole heart, voice, arms, legs, everything into it. She actually acts it out for you so you get the whole picture. Kaydee is younger than me but reminds me so much of my older sister…she makes me feel like a kid again!”

Connie Ayotte — Nominated by Francine Kimmes — “Raised on a farm, Connie didn’t have much time to take care of herself. Now raising a son alone after her husband died suddenly, she spends little time on herself. Connie is one of the hardest working people I have ever known, she has a heart of gold and never thinks twice before helping others; she is the most genuine person I have ever met. This contest is a great way to reward/honor her for all she has done for everyone else.”

Theresa Hamari — Nominated by Mark Hamari — “I beleve my wife deserves to be your 2012 One Lucky Lady recipient. My only reservation is that it is being called a makeover, because I think she is perfect just they way she is! As long as I’ve known her, Theresa has been an energetic force for positive change in our community. She constantly challenges me to be a better person, setting a shining example of what it means to be a caring compassionate person. She is the light of my life and a shining star in our community!”

Vicki Snyder — Nominated by Tim Bazinette — “I am nominating my wife Victoria. She just went through a rough year with breast cancer. During her time in the past year she has been nothing but awesome. Her son broke his ankle so with all she had going on she took on the responsibility with doctor’s appointments she had, plus his. She continued to work, plus went on and received her real estate license during this time, plus keeping up at home. Vicki is a beautiful person inside and out. Now cancer free this would be a great time for a fresh start.”

Polly Couture — Nominated by Marie Ward — “Over the past two years Polly has shown true, selfless love for her husband Paul, who was diagnosed with Nasal-Phynagal Cancer. Polly was always by Paul’s side throughout his treatments, helping him and encouraging him. Throughout this time their love for each other was obvious, they were soul mates. Unfortunately Paul passed away this January. She put his health and well-being before her own, while holding down a full-time job and helping their daughter cope with the illness. Now I believe it’s her time to get a little TLC and give Polly a “new” start in her life.”

Click on over to our contest page to see the pictures of the five ladies!