Negaunee City Council & City Attorney Openings

If you live in Negaunee and want to serve on the City Council, you don’t even have to run for office.

All you have to do is write a letter.

The City Council has had a vacant seat since last November.

No one turned in nominating papers to run for it at that time, or in a special election in February.

Tonight, the City Council voted to appoint someone to fill the seat until this November’s election.

City Manager Jeff Thornton is accepting letters of interest.

Negaunee Mayor Michael Haines says it would help to have letters from anyone interested as soon as possible so that the council can evaluate them at next month’s meeting.

The City Council also voted tonight to offer the vacant City Attorney job to Negaunee lawyer Bruce Houghton.

He serves as the attorney for the Ishpeming Area Joint Wastewater Treatment Board, and the offer is contingent on him resigning from that post.

Marquette attorney Daryl Dettman and former Marquette City Attorney Bonnie Hoff were the other candidates who made it to the interview stage.

Posted by: Mike Hoey