Award-Winning Hospice Film

One of the U.P.’s hospice groups gives its supporters some new knowledge to help make sure residents are well cared for as they battle a terminal illness.

“Consider the Conversation” is an award–winning documentary film about hospice care.

Lake Superior Hospice showed the film to its volunteers tonight.

The idea is to help them start conversations with others about the benefits of end–of–life care so that someone with an illness can live as full a life as possible right up to the end.

Dr. Larry Skendzel, the medical director for Lake Superior Hospice, says in Marquette County, about 30% of families use hospice services to help not only loved ones with a terminal illness but also themselves as they’re serving as caregivers.

He says about 45% of all families in Michigan have used hospice, so he thinks there may be some misinformation about hospice in the community.

Dr. Skendzel says the average life expectancy for Americans born in 1900 was only 48 years, so hospice is a relatively new concept.

He says that’s why it’s unfamiliar to many people.

Lake Superior Hospice is performing its next round of volunteer training on April 13th and 14th.