Brook Trout Symposium Well Attended

The February 10th Brook Trout Symposium, sponsored by Fred Waara Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Escanaba River Association and Copper Country Chapter of Trout Unlimited, was attended by over 100 people from varying backgrounds.

Area anglers, non-profits, environmentalists, government agencies and

corporations filled a lecture hall at Northern Michigan University to listen

to presenters from the US Forest Service, Michigan DNR, Michigan Trout

Unlimited and US Fish & Wildlife Service discuss the future of brook Trout in the Upper Peninsula and the issues and threats facing them.

Jerome Maynard, FWCTU’s vice president, says “The presentations indicate that there is a healthy brook trout population in most areas of the UP, but that its range and population has been significantly degraded from what would be possible by several factors. The most significant factors include: habitat degradation, warming water, silt/sand deposition in spawning areas and competition from non-native species.”