Deputy hit: 3 Snowmobilers Arrested

A deputy struck by snowmobile leads to several arrests. It started Saturday January 21st at approximately 4:45pm when a Schoolcraft County Sheriff Deputy was struck by a snowmobile that attempted to flee from officers.

Deputies were working at the intersection of the Ross Lake Road and Trail 8 in Hiawatha Township when they attempted to stop three snowmobiles for minor violations. The first two snowmobiles fled, one of them hitting a deputy. The third snowmobile operator also failed to stop as directed however stopped a short distance later and was taken into custody. Deputies pursued the first two suspects on snowmobile and apprehended both several miles from the scene on snowmobile trail 8.

The first suspect,a 39 year old Marquette County man, was charged with several offenses including reckless operation and fleeing and eluding.

The second suspect, a 19 year old Marquette County man, was charged with several felony offenses including fleeing and eluding, assaulting an officer, and attempted great bodily harm on an officer.

The third suspect, a 34 year old Marquette County man, was charged with failure to stop for uniformed officer.

All three suspects were lodged at the Schoolcraft County jail and all are expected to be arraigned early this week.

The deputy was treated and released for minor injuries at Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital in Manistique.

Deputies on scene were assisted by snowmobile patrol deputies from the Alger County Sheriff’s Department and the Sault Tribe Police Department.