Law Enforcement Demand

Many career fields have been tough to find work in for the last several years, and law enforcement has had similar setbacks.

NMU’s Regional Police Academy is holding orientation for new recruits tonight and tomorrow night at the school’s Jacobetti Center.

Law enforcement jobs are still available in Michigan, but it’s taking recruits longer to find those jobs than it used to.

NMU Public Safety Lt. Kenneth Love says recent recruits are often needing to work part-time for more than one police agency when they enter the job market.

Demand for careers in law enforcement is up, though.

40 recruits are in the preliminary acceptance process for next year — the academy graduated just 19 recruits this year.

Lt. Love says they’re not limited to only working in Michigan — agencies in Florida and Arizona are constantly looking to hire law enforcement officers.

To enter the Regional Police Academy, recruits need at least an associate’s degree.

they have to pass a medical and physical assessment test, and a reading and writing test.