Black Friday Shopping

Best Buy was not a target of the bomb scare today, but it was a target for very early morning shoppers on this day after Thanksgiving.

Food and football took second place to many people who were willing to stand in line patiently.

Many of them were hoping to get in on great deals and participating in a warmer than usual black friday evening.

At Best Buy in marquette last night, the parking lot was over flowing with cars.

The line of shoppers was four wide – going all the way around the back of the building.

The majority of the crowd started to gather after dinnertime and the football games.

But for a few extremely dedicated shoppers, this was an all day experience. One shopper we spoke to arrived at best buy at 8:30 thursday morning, just for a tv.

While there were many hot items, there were limited quantities. As a safety measure, the store handed out tickets on a first come, first serve basis. And for one shopper it meant disappointment after missing out by one .

Best Buy opened the doors at midnight and this year they added a safety precaution only letting 25 in at a time,

Store officials say the change was put into place to create a better overall experience and reward those who had been waiting the longest.

Corporate best buy officials say they hadn’t planned a midnight opening, but planned it after other retailers announced their plans.

This is the 2nd black friday sale that best buy has had since opening in marquette township last year.