New Downstate Charge for Bank Robbery Suspect

There are new developments tonight with the suspect in the Northern Michigan Bank and Trust robbery case from Chocolay Township.

The suspect in that October 12th robbery, Justin McLean of Cheboygan, already had absconding from justice and larceny from a building charges against him downstate.

Now he has a third charge from below the bridge.

Cheboygan County Prosecutor Daryl Vizina says McLean will also have to face an uttering and publishing charge in their area when he returns to Michigan.

The new charge was filed yesterday in Cheboygan.

McLean is accused of forging a check to himself for nearly $3,000 dollars from a business back on August 26th.

He’s believed to have deposited the check into a savings account that he opened at a bank.

By the time the bank discovered that the check came from a closed account, McLean is said to have already withdrawn most of the money.

Police in the Cheboygan area discovered the incident after McLean left for the U.P.

McLean was arrested in the state of Wyoming in mid–October and is still being held there.

No word yet on when he will brought back to Michigan.