Veterans Day Motorcycle Ride

With the winter storm that hit the U.P. two days ago, riding a motorcycle might the last way many of us would want to spend some free time.

But a few local bikers haven’t put their machines away for the winter just yet.

The Harley Owners Group has more than 1,400 chapters worldwide.

That includes the Superior Chapter, based in Marquette.

Several members met for a ride to the Jacobetti Home for Veterans.

One of them, Dave Petrovich, says it’s an honor to be able to do this and interact with people who’ve sacrificed so much for the country.

Although the temperatures were low, the spirits of the hog lovers were high.

They wanted to make sure they were at the home in time for its annual veterans day ceremony, and indeed they were.

After they got on their hogs, zipped up their jackets and put on their gloves, the bikers didn’t seem to mind the brisk weather too much.

Of course, it may have helped that the ride was brief — only about 5 minutes!