Marquette City and County: MAPS bond rejected

Marquette County had more ballot questions than any other county.

… The controversial Marquette Area Public Schools bond proposal was decided with a resounding “no”. 1605 YES votes were over-ruled by 3522 NO votes.

… The city of Marquette’s senior services millage was renewed by more than 22 hundred yes votes to 700 no votes.

… 2,073 Marquette city voters said they want to have the city charter revised. 669 said no.

… In the City of Marquette, Robert Niemi (1753), Don Ryan (2153) and Fred Stonehouse (1905) are re-elected to the City Commission. Mike Plourde (1122) was unsuccessful in trying to unseat one of them.

…Marquette voters decided to revise the City Charter. A nine member Charter Commission would do that. Elected November 8th: Tom Baldini (1707), Robert Berube II (1442) , Sara Cambensy (1475), Martha Conley (1438) , Mike Coyne (1804), Cameron Howes (1532), Robert Kulisheck (1638), Cornelia Mazzuchi (1690), and Tom Tourville (2007). Not making the Charter Commission: Martha Haynes (891), Taylor Klipp (499), Lynn Laakso(729), and Don Potvin (1011)

… In Champion Township, the millage for emergency services was renewed with 28 yes votes and a half dozen voters saying no.

… Michigamme Township’s general operations millage was passed 98 to 31.

… The Powell Township general operations millage passed 148 to 91,

and the township’s garbage pickup millage was approved 116 to 75.

… In Republic Township, it was 209 ‘yes’ to 173 ‘no’ votes on a millage proposal would devote funding to the Iron Ore Heritage Recreation Authority.

… The Powell Township School District has rejected an operating millage by a 12 vote margin. 116 YES, 128 NO.

… The Republic–Michigamme Schools approved a bond proposal, 321 yes to 214 no votes.

… in the Gwinn Area Community Schools, the two School Board seats will go to newcomer Cindy Filizetti (227) and incumbent Ronald Lauren (271). They defeated John Asplund (209) and Walt Maki (188).