Benishek Visits Cliffs

Congressman Dan Benishek of Crystal Falls has been touring central U.P. businesses this week to get a better handle on job creation.

Benishek visited Cliffs Natural Resources in Ishpeming this morning.

Fellow Republican Congressman Tim Walberg of downstate Tipton joined him.

They were there to tour the Empire and Tilden Mines, and to learn about the current state of the company.

Benishek says Cliffs is having some issues with the federal government and he wants to hear about them, as well as some power supply issues the company is experiencing.

A current TV ad criticizes Benishek for statements he made that oil companies are paying their fair share of taxes, and the ad claims that Benishek also voted to give oil companies huge tax subsidies.

We asked the Congressman for his response to that ad.

While he does feel oil companies are paying their fair share, he says he doesn’t support subsidies for them and says this is a case of people with a different viewpoint characterizing his position incorrectly.

ABC 10 had the exclusive interview with the Congressman this morning on this topic.

Already this week, Benishek has toured Pioneer Surgical in Marquette and the NewPage mill in Escanaba.