Sketch Released in Summer Vandalism

The Marquette County Sheriff’s Department is continuing it’s investigation into the destruction of logging equipment from over the summer.

Police have released this sketch of a person of interest who was seen by a logger in the area around the times of the incidents.

they say the man was on a red 4 wheeler and that he was with a female on a blue 4 wheeler.

The vandals destroyed three pieces of logging equipment worth more than $350,000 dollars in Northern Marquette County.

The Marquette County Sheriff’s office and the Michigan state police are investigating the suspected ‘malicious damage and arson”in Northern Champion and Michigamme townships.

The equipment belongs to Fain brothers Logging and Holli Forest products.

the companies are conducting logging operations within a three mile radius on private property in the mulligan plains area owned by plum creek and Longyear corporation.

If you witnessed any suspicious activity or people in the area, call the Marquette County Sheriff’s office at 906 225– 8435