MDOT Closing Escanaba Service Center

MDOT is closing eight of its service centers around the state to save money, including one in the U.P.

The department says it’ll close the Escanaba Transportation Service Center by October 1st.

Their Superior Region Office in Escanaba is remaining open.

MDOT says the Escanaba TSC’s duties will be spread among the other TSCs in the U.P.

The employees will be transferred elsewhere in the U.P. as well — there are no layoffs involved.

The TSC closures around the state should save MDOT about $300,000 a year in rent and utility costs.

MDOT says it has 15% fewer employees today than it had in 2009, and it says that’s worth an estimated $45 million in state and federal funds.

MDOT also says it’ll continue to provide the same level of customer service after the center closures.