Marquette Part of CommonPlace Pilot Program

There was a time when many of us borrowed lawnmowers or a cup of sugar from our neighbors.

Maybe you still have a set–up like that today.

Many people don’t.

But, like the Volkswagen Beetle, tie-dyed shirts and other old–fashioned ideas, the neighbor-helping-neighbor mentality is making a comeback.

It’s called CommonPlace.

And, the city of Marquette is one of a select group of pilot cities across the country for what amounts to a community bulletin board.

The designers say the Marquette CommonPlace is not a new social networking system.

It’s a way to enhance the Marquette community and life in the city through an online message board.

Marquette CommonPlace was launched just a week ago.

More than 200 people are registered, and local businesses and municipalities are also participating.

Marquette CommonPlace can help Marquette-area residents learn about local events, post needs such as needing a pet sitter or gardening supplies, get updates from registered businesses and organizations and lets members connect with the community.

Its designers say it’s simply an online community bulletin board, a clearinghouse of information for the area.

If you have a valid e-mail account, you can sign up here.

Right now, this system is only available to people who reside in Marquette.