Coast Guard Water Rescue Training

With three days of warm, sunny weather, area beaches have been popular, but the city of Marquette doesn’t officially open its beaches until Friday.

Once Friday comes and McCarty’s Cove and South Beach open for the summer, their hours will be from noon to 8pm.

There were no water emergencies today near Marquette, but if you saw a Coast Guard helicopter, it was there because the Coast Guard was conducting simulated rescue missions.

The exercises involved the helicopter from Traverse City — the closest helicopter station to Marquette.

While Coast Guard firefighter Taylor Vaughn says they weigh their options every time they’re on scene, they almost always call in the helicopter.

He also had some recommendations for staying safe on and in the water this summer, like always wearing a life vest when you’re on a boat and never swimming in areas that are unsafe or that are designated ‘no-swim’ zones.

Picnic Rocks in Marquette falls into that category for this season.

Beaches in Marquette will close on Labor Day.