Mqt. Twp. Man Dies Stranded on ORV Ride

A Marquette Township man is dead after he and his wife were stranded on an ORV ride this weekend.

The Marquette County Sheriff’s Department says both the husband and wife were both 62 years old.

But their names are not being released.

They were riding a side–by–side ORV Friday afternoon on a logging road in Negaunee Township.

They were near Trail 14, about a mile away from County Road 510.

At about 4pm, police say the couple got stuck in mud.

The wife walked away to look for help, but she couldn’t find any and she returned to the 4–wheeler and her husband.

They were stranded in a wooded area for 3 nights without supplies or proper clothing.

And sometime while they were stranded, the husband died.

Shortly before 10 yesterday morning, the woman made it out of the woods to County Road 510.

A passer–by helped her and called for more aid.

The Sheriff’s Department says muddy trail conditions made the response difficult but were able to recover the man’s body midday yesterday.

The woman was treated at Marquette General for exposure–related injuries and released.