Schools Waiting to Hear from Snyder

Governor Rick Snyder is delivering a special address later this morning that will affect teachers and K-through-12 students.

He’s planning to discuss many topics, including some budget issues and his desire for school districts to make better use of online education tools.

The governor is calling for an overhaul of Michigan public schools, saying that as a whole, hundreds of Michigan high schools had no students who were college-ready.

Negaunee Schools Superintendent Jim Derocher says that when looked at individually, some schools rate extremely well and says that at least some of the reforms Governor Snyder wants will be easier said than done.

Snyder’s address is at 10am from the United Way for Southeastern Michigan in Detroit.

Since taking office, the governor has said that he hopes educators will work with him to improve Michigan schools and that he thinks fewer than half of the state’s students are proficient in writing.