N.M.U Army ROTC Cadets Get Awards

Finding a job is the goal of the soon to be college graduates studying at universities in the U–P and across the country, but some of them already know what post–college life holds. Graduation is still more than a week away, but Northern Michigan University students taking part in the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps program took part in the end of year award ceremony today.

One of the Wildcat Battalion commanding officers told the cadets that there are two sorts of people in the world: men and women of action—and everyone else. The ROTC leadership encouraged the soon to be army officers to take on the challenge of the job.

The commanding officers of the N.M.U. Battalion recognized the cadets for their academic success and military achievements. The group also turned the tables and paid tribute to community members of service and veteran organizations, and the Econo Foods grocery store.

And, ABC 10 was among those given an award of excellence. We know these cadets and their leadership take their jobs seriously, we will proudly display the plaque. We are honored to bring our viewers coverage of the Army ROTC program at N.M.U. and the activities and community spirit the cadets display.