‘W’ Future Uncertain

The former West Branch Community Center has been closed for 2 years.

And unless something is done in the next couple of weeks, it’ll never re–open.

West Branch Township is selling the ‘W’ at auction on may 21st.

Township Board chair Jack Heidtman says the wrestling mats and diving boards have already been removed and sold.

The County Board took up an idea tonight to prevent the auction by negotiating a sale with the township.

Some of the board members claimed the ‘W’ is a financial white elephant that has never made money and has no chance of sustaining itself.

Some said the group Community Hand–UP deserves a chance to run the facility based on plans it’s presented.

They said $100,000 or so for the ‘W’ doesn’t compare to the resources the county has taken from Sawyer for years without giving anything back.

The board voted down the negotiated sale.

Lisa Johnson of community Hand–UP says the group needs to re–evaluate its next step.

Community Hand–UP may now have to buy the ‘W’ at the auction to bring it back to life.