Who Grows Your Food?

NMU’s Environmental Sciences Organization reaches out to the community so that residents can learn more about local farms.

The group and the Marquette Food Co–op hosted their 5th annual Local Food and Farm Fair at the University Center tonight.

More than 70 different growers and producers from across the u–p sell their goods through the Food Co–op.

About 15 of them were on hand, some of whom had free samples.

Natasha Gill of the Marquette Food Co-Op says if you’ve ever wanted to know exactly where your food comes from and who grows it or produces it, the event is a great way to find out.

They also had information on community–supported agriculture.

CSA, as it’s called, started in the ’80s in Japan but has since spread worldwide.

Residents give farmers a down payment at times when money on a farm can be scarce.

Gill says the customer then receives a box of produce from the farm every week — whatever the farm happens to have fresh at that particular time.

She says it’s a great way to try a wide range of new foods that you might not otherwise think of eating.