Meth Lab Update

It was a tip that led police to the latest meth lab bust in Marquette County.

The tip led police to a motel Sunday in Marquette Township.

That’s where they found a man wanted in connection with a meth lab bust from November.

And they also found that the man was equipped to make a meth lab in the motel.

Eric Lawer was taken into custody Sunday night.

Officers from the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team say he had meth lab ingredients in the hotel room but wasn’t cooking them yet.

Lawer is in the Marquette County Jail and the prosecutor is reviewing additional charges, but he was arraigned this morning on charges from a previous meth lab incident.

Those charges stem from a one–pot meth lab bust in November on Pioneer Road in Marquette.

Also charged in that operation: Todd Lamere, Tyler Paquette, Zach Skinner and Alyssa Syrjala.

They’ve all been charged with conspiracy to operate a lab to manufacture methamphetamine.

UPSET has made a number of meth lab arrests and almost a dozen busts in the past few months.

This is the second meth lab bust in the Marquette area in the last two weeks.

Creating a meth lab does not require a large area.

In fact, these meth labs are now being created with an assortment of hazardous chemicals in a two-liter bottle.

One was discovered in a traffic stop at Sawyer earlier this month.

A tip also led to a meth lab bust at a home in sands township a few weeks ago.

Christopher Brunsman was arrested in that incident.

He’s in the Marquette County Jail and has waived his preliminary hearing on the charges.

The danger of these labs is that they can be created almost anywhere.

There could be one in a car you park next to, in the house next door, or — as occupants in the Marquette Township hotel found out over the weekend — in the next room.

Police want this danger off the streets and they want the manufacturers behind bars.

You can help.

If you notice any suspicious activity or know someone is creating one of these labs, contact your local law enforcement agency or call UPSET’s Tip Line.

That number is 1-800–882–8202, and, you can remain anonymous.