Salvation Army Bell-Ringing Challenge

The Ishpeming Salvation Army still needs more bell-ringers for its annual kettle drive campaign.

We at ABC 10, and a local radio station, will be helping out.

Mark Evans and Walt Lindala of Sunny 101.9 had the Salvation Army on their morning show a few days ago.

Mark and Walt were moved by what they heard.

The Salvation Army is so short on bell ringers that at times, they’ve had to hire people to do what’s supposed to be a volunteer job.

Mark says they’ve volunteered for some bell-ringing shifts because the two of them think if the holidays are really about the giving spirit, one of the best things you can give is your time to a charitable cause.

We at ABC 10 and CW 5 are joining everyone at Sunny in that effort.

Mark has challenged us to a bell-ringing showdown on Wednesday, December 22nd, and we have accepted.

You’ll be able to hear more about the challenge both here, and on Sunny, in the coming days.