Thousand Miles for Michigan

We’re continuing to follow the progress of a downstate man leaving his footprint on the state of Michigan.

George Morse owns a small business in Oscoda and wants to encourage other small entrepreneurs to think positively.

He calls his message “Thousand Miles for Michigan”.

And his goal was to run that distance across the state — 5 miles at a time in 200 different cities and towns.

He was in the U.P. in late September, visiting Marquette, Escanaba, Houghton and other communities and running 5 miles within each of them.

And despite the weather, he’s making some more strides.

Morse tells ABC 10 he’s about to reach the halfway point.

He estimates that on December 18th, he’ll hit the 500-mile mark of the run.

That’ll be in Frankenmuth.

You can follow him and his run online here.