Meth Lab Bust in Marquette

A tipster may be to credit for helping bust a meth lab in Marquette.

The Marquette Police say the methamphetamine lab was at unit #70 at 500 Pioneer Road in South Marquette.

Officers went to the home just before 10 last night looking for a subject with several outstanding warrants.

They say they found and arrested the suspect at the residence,

Then they found evidence of the meth lab, complete with product and other drug paraphernalia.

The case was turned over to the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team.

UPSET officials worked throughout the night on the case.

The lab was dismantled by about 2pm today by a hazardous materials team stationed downstate.

The haz-mat team has dismantled 600 similar operations in Michigan and Illinois this year.

This is the fifth meth lab discovered in the area since July.

As many as four people may be charged.

No names have been released.

UPSET officials say this sort of meth lab is known as a ‘one-pot’ operation.

The chemicals and materials used in this small portable operation can fit easily in an Igloo cooler.