2010-’11 Flu Vaccines Coming In

We’re barely through with summer so many of us may not be thinking about flu season.

But we’re already in the early going of flu season.

Some of the major chain stores with pharmacies, including Target and Walgreens, are offering the shots by appointment.

The Marquette County Health Department is starting to receive doses.

But they don’t know which orders are coming in when.

Corinne Brownell of the Health Department says they’re left hanging a little bit as far as how much vaccine they’ll have coming in at any one time.

But she says they do have enough doses of vaccine to start their public flu shot clinics for the season.

The first one will be at the Michigamme Senior Center Thursday of next week.

The federal Centers for Disease Control are saying the sooner you can get the shot, the better.

Brownell says the CDC wants anyone getting the vaccine to get it in September, if that’s possible.

The CDC suggests that everyone over the age of 6 months get vaccinated.

And one nice thing this year — the regular flu vaccine also includes swine flu protection this time around.