Prusi Wants to Get Moving on Jobs Bill

The Labor Day Festival in Ishpeming reminds residents that the holiday is about a lot more than just a day off from work for most Americans.

But it’s also a chance for many area political figures to get together.

State Senator Mike Prusi is from Ishpeming and can’t run again for his seat this fall because of term limits.

Prusi says there’s one specific thing he’d like the Senate to accomplish before he leaves in January.

He wants to get moving on a jobs–related bill that the State House approved a year and a half ago.

The ‘Hire Michigan First’ bill would reward companies that employ 100 percent Michigan workers with economic development funds.

It would also crack down on companies that hire undocumented workers.

But Prusi says Republicans in the Senate have not allowed the bill to get out of conference committee.

Prusi says the bill would put a serious dent in the state’s unemployment rate because it would give employers an incentive to do just what it says — to hire as many people as possible who are already in Michigan to fill Michigan jobs.

‘Hire Michigan First’ would ban companies hiring undocumented workers from obtaining state contracts.

Those companies would also have to pay back any state incentive money they receive.