Lahti Blasts State Senate on NRC

Hancock State Rep Mike Lahti is blasting the Michigan Senate majority leadership.

He’s speaking out about the refusal of the group to re–appoint two Republican commissioners to represent the U.P. on the Michigan Natural Resources Commission.

Lahti, a Democrat, says the move will mean U.P. citizens will not have a say in the DNRE’s policy decisions.

And he says that’s against the state constitution.

He goes on to say that this is the kind of partisan bickering and infighting in lansing that state residents are tired of.

He continues to say, these ploys have no place in a state government that should be focused on creating jobs and protecting families.

Last week, the Michigan Senate majority refused to consent to the re-appointments of J.R. Richardson, first appointed in 2007, and John Madigan, first appointed in 2002.

Richardson and Madigan are both lifelong U.P. residents and the only U.P. members of the seven-member NRC.