State Police Buy Crime Lab Building

The U.P.’s only State Police crime lab moved into a long–awaited new home last summer.

And now, the new home’s future is secure.

The Marquette forensic laboratory was the only one in Michigan that the State Police didn’t own outright.

But that’s not the case anymore.

They’ve just bought the lab building from real estate developer peter O’Dovero with a share of $2.5 million from a state funding bill.

Lab director David Stephens says the purchase price was $900,000, leaving about $1.6 million for renovations.

The State Police intended the former U.S. Fish & Wildlife service building to be a multipurpose facility.

It has more space than the lab needs.

Stephens says the bomb squad will start storing equipment there soon, and the radio repair techs who work out of K.I. Sawyer right now will likely move in as well.

In fact, there’s so much space that Stephens says the lab may even be adding some new jobs in the near future.

We’ll have more about that for you as it becomes available.