SEI Selling More Metal for Oil Spill Cleanup

A Marquette County manufacturer is making some money while making items that help in the cleanup of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Superior Extrusion at K.I. Sawyer works with aluminum.

A customer recently ordered enough of the metal for nearly 25,000 aluminum clamps.

The clamps connect oil cleanup booms to one another while they’re in the water.

And the company is expecting a repeat order.

Kevin Cardoni from SEI’s sales department says the second order could be anywhere from 12,000 to 24,000 pieces.

He says SEI’s client is negotiating the order with BP right now and by the end of the week, he should know how many clamps the customer will want.

SEI isn’t producing any more clamps for now.

But plenty are still around, waiting to be shipped out.

Cardoni says the company is hoping other oil companies may order more clamps from them as a precaution so that they’ll be ready should another huge spill ever happen.

Other organizations are also responding to the BP oil spill.

We’ll have a look at what one of them is doing tomorrow night on ABC 10 News Now.