1 Conviction & 2 Trial Dates for Eagle Rock Trespass

Three protesters accused of trespassing on the future site of the Kennecott Eagle Mine are in court today, with one of them getting convicted.

Big Bay resident Cynthia Pryor has been convicted of trespassing.

This comes after she rejected a plea agreement that county prosecutors offered her.

State Police arrested her in late April after she refused to leave the Eagle Rock site.

About 3 weeks ago, two Baraga residents were arrested when they refused to leave the same area.

Charlotte Loonsfoot and Christopher Chose were in District Court in Ishepming today for pre-trial conferences.

They’ve both rejected plea offers, pleaded not guilty and opted to go to trial.

Chosa’s trial date is August 3rd and Loonsfoot’s is the next day.

All three face up to 30 days in jail or a $250 fine.