Teen Driving Safety Around Semis

June is National Safety Month across the country.

But every year, a Michigan trucking safety group wants to make the youngest drivers on the road use caution near 18-wheelers.

The Michigan Center for Truck Safety focuses this week on teen driving.

The group sends brochures, videos and DVDs to driving schools around the state.

Lake Superior Driving School in Marquette uses one of its videos, called “Semi Conscious”.

Stopping at the white line at any intersection that has one is a big part of staying safe around semis.

It’s even the law in some states.

And the reason is something many of us may not think about.

Mark McNabb, owner of Lake Superior Driving School, says if you’re not behind the white line and a semi rolls through the intersection to make a turn, it may not be able to clear the corner.

And there’s a need for this sort of education.

The U.S. Department of Transportation says car-versus-semi accidents are the car driver’s fault 70% of the time.