Local Police on Texting Ban for Drivers

By this time tomorrow, a ban on texting while driving will be the newest law in Michigan.

Governor Jennifer Granholm says she’ll sign the bill tomorrow in Detroit.

The law takes effect July 1st.

It makes texting a primary offense, meaning police officers can pull you over if they see you tapping out a message.

Violations won’t put points on your driving record but will still be costly.

The fines are $100 for the first offense and $200 for every ticket after that.

A Carnegie Mellon University study found that using a cell phone while behind the wheel reduces by 40% the amount of brain activity you have that’s associated with what’s around you on the road.

The study says that 6,000 people nationwide died in car crashes in 2008 because they were distracted using their cell phone.

Ishpeming Police believe the ban will help keep Michigan roads safer for drivers.

Detective Sgt. Dan Willey looks at the new law as a traffic offense, allowing officers to use their own discretion to figure out when to ticket.

23 states have texting bans for all drivers.

18 states have primary enforcement; it’s a secondary offense in the other 5 states.