Weightlifting Gives Marquette Businesses a Lift

It’s been almost a red-carpet event in Marquette.

The Berry Events Center welcomes some of the country’s strongest young athletes this weekend for the National Collegiate Weightlifting Championships.

Athletes, coaches, family and fans have been rolling into downtown Marquette throughout the week.

They’ve been greeted by the barbell cutouts sprinkled throughout the city by the Marquette Arts & Culture Center and the Downtown Development Authority.

Local businesses are also happily welcoming the event as it creates more traffic for stores and restaurants.

Staff at the Landmark Inn, where the athletes are staying, say the event has led to a spike in patronage.

Family members and fans have come there with them.

Mona Lang of Marquette’s Downtown Development Authority says events like this give Marquette visibility around the country — and even around the world with events like the ISU Speedskating World Cup — that it wouldn’t otherwise have.

Randy Spieth will have highlights from the weightlifting competition itself tonight on UGN News at 10 and 11.