‘Pure Michigan’ Campaign Budget Boost

The state legislature is trying to determine how much money Michigan can set aside to fund a national tourism advertising campaign.

The state Senate approved $9.5 million more for the ‘Pure Michigan’ TV ad campaign last week, bringing its total budget to $15 million.

The state House will hold a hearing on it tomorrow.

Last year, Travel Michigan was allotted $30 million to spend on the campaign.

A state study concluded the nationwide ad campaign brought nearly 2 million visitors into the state.

U.P. travel officials say they noticed a big difference, too.

Pat Black of the Marquette Country Convention and Visitors Bureau says she saw lots of out-of-state license plates from areas she doesn’t usually see — like Texas and many states up and down the East Coast.

The money would come from the state’s general fund, which tourism officials say would be reimbursed before the end of the year.