Moose Hunt Bill Passes State Senate

Moose hunting is a step closer to becoming a reality in Michigan.

The state Senate has unanimously approved a bill that would legalize the sport.

The bill was introduced back in December, and it’s now en route to the House.

It would also create a moose hunt advisory council and require hunters to apply for a state moose license.

Each license would cost $100 each year.

There’s no word on when the moose hunt would begin if the bill were to become law.

Effects on the moose population would also have to be considered first.

DNRE wildlife biologists estimate there are between 500 and 600 moose in the U.P.

And if there were a moose season, it would have restrictions similar to elk hunting.

The DNRE says most of the U.P.’s moose are in Baraga, Marquette and Iron Counties.