Delta Adds More Service to Sawyer Airport

Delta Airlines is making changes to how it serves Sawyer Airport.

And the changed should help out area travelers.

This spring, you’ll be able to fly out of Sawyer to Minneapolis-St. Paul again.

They’d been trying to arrange this with Delta ever since losing Minneapolis service last summer.

The airline originally wanted to start it back up for the summer only.

But Airport Manager Keith Kaspari says airport staff convinced Delta to begin the service sooner than that, and make it last longer as well.

Starting April 6th, Delta will have 2 flights every day from Sawyer to both Detroit and Minneapolis.

The flights to each city will all be on 50-seat regional jets.

The changes don’t stop there.

Kaspari says because of the usual spike in summer travel demand, Delta will also be offering a third daily flight to Detroit for the months of July and August.

This should boost the available seating capacity by nearly 50%, so more people can fly.

Kaspari says the jets will shave a half-hour off the flight times that turboprop planes would offer.