Marquette 2010 Distinctive Destination

Marquette gets another national honor related to tourism.

It’s on the 2010 list of America’s Most Distinctive Destinations.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation names 12 cities every year based on experiences that set those cities apart from the normal vacation spots.

This year, Marquette is one of those.

But to see which one of this year’s dozen is the best, there’s a first-ever online vote for a Fan Favorite.

Pat Black of the Marquette Country Convention and Visitors Bureau says while a vote is technically for the city, it’s actually a vote in support of the entire region.

She says because Marquette is centrally located in the U.P., tourists from elsewhere in the country have to travel through other U.P. communities during their trips.

Voting on that runs throughout the month.

You can vote by going online to .