UPPCO Repairing McClure Dam

The McClure Hydro Facility in Marquette County hasn’t been generating electricity for 2 years.

But now repair work is going on so the dam can be back to full power.

UPPCO is doing repair work on the penstock at the McClure Dam.

It’s been out of service since an expansion joint ruptured in November 2007.

Construction is underway to eventually bring in new penstock so the McClure Dam can be used at its full capacity again.

UPPCO estimates that’ll happen late next year.

They have to get federal approval for each phase of the project from the Energy Regulatory Commission as they go along.

Over the past 2 months, they’ve been removing the old penstock, which is wooden, as well as 90-year-old steel pipes.

They’ve also been putting in roads and clearing trees.

UPPCO estimates the project will cost $15 million to $17 million.