Esky Gears Up for 2nd Power Plant Vote

In just over 2 weeks, Escanaba voters are heading to the polls.

They’ll be answering a question about the city’s power plant for the second time this year.

City Manager Jim O’Toole has been holding public meetings to educate residents on the issue.

O’Toole says the ballot language this time is more clear than it was in May.

This time, they’re simply asking residents if the City Council should be able to sell the plant.

In May, voters were asked if the council could sell, lease or otherwise dispose of the plant in some way.

The May ballot question failed by 18 votes.

O’Toole says because of rising coal prices, the plant is costing the city money.

O’Toole says selling the plant, and buying outside energy, could save the city at least $9 million over the next decade.

The election is August 4th, which is 2 weeks from tomorrow.

O’Toole is having more ‘Coffee with the City Manager’ events before then.

One of those is Wednesday at 9am at the city electric department.