Marquette Township Recalls Move Forward

The recall efforts targeting all 7 people on the Marquette Township Board take a step forward.

The county election commission says both recall petitions are clearly worded enough to go to the voters…if enough people can sign the papers.

One of the recall petitions is trying to oust township supervisor Ray Adamini, township clerk Patricia Mayer, and trustees Karen Lohf and Linda Winslow.

The petition against them specifically mentions their decision 2 months ago to vote for the township’s controversial well-drilling project for drinking water.

The other recall effort would try to remove the other 3 members of the board.

It targets township treasurer Ernest Johnson, and trustees Lyn Durant and Diane Truscott, for voting against the well project.

Signatures for the petitions are due by the end of July.

Each one needs 359 valid signatures to get onto the ballot in November.