State Budget Affecting Summer Road Work

Summer construction season is well underway on U.P. roads.

But they’re taking a toll from Michigan’s economic struggles, which seem to become more and more severe every month.

Staff from the Marquette County Road Commission are busy working on 2 main projects this summer.

Those are County Road 492 and the Werner Street project.

But based on less funding than previous years, Road Commission engineer/manager Jim Iwanicki says the number of projects they can tackle in any 1 season has gone way down this decade.

Road maintenance is also feeling the pinch.

In 2001, 106 people worked for the Road Commission.

Now only 51 do.

And with fewer personnel come more complaints about maintaining gravel roads and mowing intersections.

Iwanicki knows lots of people around the U.P. are frustrated with transportation issues.

If you’re one of them, he recommends contacting the state legislature and letting the lawmakers know that you think transportation should be a high priority for state funding.