Orphanage Lawsuit Going To Court in August

The city of Marquette and the owner of the old Holy Family Orphanage are going to court this summer.

The city and Phoenix, Arizona businessman Roger Rinne are slated to go to trial August 13th in Marquette County Circuit Court.

It’ll be a bench trial, so there won’t be a jury, and it’s expected to last 1 day.

The city sued Rinne last may, asking him to either bring the orphanage into line with city building codes or have it demolished.

Marquette County nearly foreclosed on it last year for unpaid 2005 property taxes.

Last April, area business owner and retired teacher Treasure Lampi King said she signed a sale contract for the orphanage, planning to turn it into a performing arts school.

But the county clerk never received a new deed showing her to be the owner, so it still belongs to Rinne.