Possible Hit-and-Run Leaves Man in Snowbank in Frigid Cold

State police in Ontonagon County want to know more about a possible hit-and-run accident that left the victim lying in a snowbank in the sub-zero temperatures.

Troopers from the Ontonagon detachment say it’s a 56-year-old man from the village.

He was found at about 9 Central time Saturday night lying near the Cane Court housing complex.

Police say the man had been lying outside for as long as several hours before anyone noticed him.

He may have frostbite on his fingers and toes.

The man was taken first to Aspirus Ontonagon Hospital and later transferred to Marquette General.

If you know any more than this about what happened, state police are asking you to call them at either the Wakefield post at 229-5372 or the Ontonagon detachment at 884-6250.