Tasered Car Thief Suspect Back In Court

The Laurium man who got tased last week after refusing to pull over for police is back in court on January 12th.

That’s when 36-year-old James Claver will have a preliminary exam.

He’s just been arraigned on 5 different charges.

At about 10pm last Monday, state police from the Calumet post found Claver on the roads.

They say he was driving a vehicle that Laurium police reported stolen earlier that day.

After a brief chase, troopers say he got stuck in a snowbank and tried to flee on foot.

Officers caught up with Claver and accuse him of being uncooperative once they did.

They say they warned him if he didn’t comply with them, they’d use a taser on him.

Police say Claver didn’t comply, so they tased him.

Claver is facing charges including operating while intoxicated, driving with a suspended license and auto theft.

He’s in the Houghton County Jail on $100,000 bond.