Task Force Answers Road Funding Questions

What does Michigan need to do to improve the crumbling transportation network, and how should the work be paid for?

The state task force spending most of the year on those questions has worked up some answers.

The Michigan Transportation Funding Task Force has just put out its final report.

It’s out a few months ahead of schedule.

Citizen advisory groups gave suggestions on how each aspect of transportation could be improved.

A Marquette County commissioner was the head of the road funding advisory group.

Bob Struck says the report could be controversial because it calls for a huge infusion of cash into transportation, but he says it’s a choice between paying a lot now or paying even more later.

He also says this isn’t a Democratic or Republican issue; it’s a Michigan issue that everyone at the higher levels of state government needs to work together to address.

Governor Jennifer Granholm and state lawmakers all got the report this morning.

The task force agrees with Struck’s group that Michigan roads need at least double the funding each year that they currently get.

If you want to, you can read the report for yourself on the state’s website.

It’s at: www.michigan.gov/tf2 . From there, it’s under the ‘View Final Report’ link.