42-Year-Old Cold Case Puzzles Police

State police from the eastern U.P. are looking for some help to crack a cold case that goes back more than 40 years.

Police from the St. Ignace post say it was a man found in Chippewa County, in a wooded area northwest of Trout Lake, in November 1966.

Forensic exams showed he was white, about 5’10”, and weighed about 150 pounds with brownish-colored hair.

He was about 23 years old when he died and was probably of Eastern European descent.

Police think he may have come from Canada.

He had no dental work, and some keys and clothing were found with him.

The image you see here is what a state police lab technician has come up with showing what he probably looked like when he died.

His hair was about 4 inches long.

If you might know who this man was, or if you know anything more about the circumstances surrounding his death, state police are asking you to call them at the St. Ignace post at 643-7582.