Former U.P. Man Convicted of Child Molestation

A man who used to live in Rapid River is sentenced to nearly 140 years in prison in Arizona for child sexual abuse.

40-year-old Stephen Karban was accused of criminal sexual conduct when he lived in the U.P.

He was found not guilty, but he’s now in prison on similar charges in Phoenix, Arizona.

He was recently convicted of 11 counts of criminal sexual conduct there, and he’s been sentenced to 138 years in prison.

The judge ordered that Karban serve the sentences on all 11 counts consecutively.

Karban was acquitted of the U.P. charges in 2004, but he was found guilty of CSC in Wisconsin the next year.

He spent nearly 2 years in prison there as a result.

The U.P. charges, the Arizona charges and the Wisconsin charge all came out of separate incidents involving children in 2002.